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Glenda Esperance, Principal


Family Game Day Out 2019

Park Place Community MS 266 PTA presents

Family Day Baseball Game Fundraiser


Park Place Community Middle School 266 in Conjunction with MCU Park & the Brooklyn Cyclones

will be Hosting the Family Day Baseball Game Fundraiser at MCU Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Come out and enjoy a fun afternoon with our

Park Place Community MS 266 family, staff and friends!!!

GAME: Staten Island Yankees vs Brooklyn Cyclones

DATE: Sunday, June 23, 2019

GAME TIME: 4:00pm

 Please see Ms. Cardona in Room 410 for Ticket information.

FREE Cyclone Cap & FREE Wristband w/ every ticket purchase

Pre-Game School Spirit Parade around field & personalized Scoreboard welcome!

If you are interested in attending please return the signed slip along with how many tickets & payment.

The deadline for payment is Wednesday June 19, 2019. All purchases are final.

** A portion of all ticket sales goes directly to supporting Park Place Community MS 266 PTA.**

Meet our Comfort Dog PARKER!!!

Our school is part of the NYC Department of Education’s comfort dog program. Parker, a Golden Retriever Border Collie Mix, has joined our school community in the 2016-2017 school year.  Parker is a friendly dog who loves being around children and adults. Parker will be included in classroom lessons on social-emotional learning, resiliency, and human-animal interaction. We look forward to seeing the positive impact that Parker will have once again in our school’s culture and climate this school year.

 Click on Parker for a closer look.

Urban Advantage NYC

How to use your UA “Student +3” Voucher!

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Through public support provided by the Office of the Mayor of New York City, the Speaker and Council of the City of New York, and the New York City Department of Education, UA vouchers give UA students and their families FREE (gratis) admission to the 8 participating NYC cultural institutions. Your child will receive 2 “Student + 3” Vouchers that grant complimentary admission to the 8 Urban Advantage science-rich cultural institutions.

Each voucher provides free admission and some special exhibits for up to four individuals during non-school hours. Vouchers expire June 30, 2018! Vouchers may be worth over $100!

The UA institutions are wonderful places to explore:

Spend time with your family and friends and have fun!

Learn science!

Do science!

Complete a science investigation!


If you use these vouchers for free admission to one or more of the institutions by May 31, 2018, you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a free iPad!* Be sure to fill in your name, email address and phone number on the voucher.

School Calendar 2018-2019

Monthly School Calendar


Monthly school calendars are distributed to every student either the week prior or at the beginning of each month, please ask your child for the monthly calendar.
For additional copies of the school monthly calendar you can either click on the calendar above or follow the link below:
Print Calendar:   June 2019.pdf  

Community CD Project

  The Lyric Lab & Park Place Community Middle School 266 


A Community Album - Final Project

(released June 23, 2018)

Link to the Community Album: www.thelyriclab.org/park-place-community-middle-school-266

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Park Place Community Middle School - 266
Final Project - A Community Album
Released June 23, 2018
This pilot project at Park Place Community Middle School 266 was an Audio Recording Residency where we met with parents, other family members and students to collectively create the community album.
Special thank yous must go out to Ms. Esperance, the Principal and Mr. Medina, the President of the PTA, for your assistance in coordinating this mini workshop series and making it possible.   
Released: June 23rd 2018
Track 1 - Kiara Lawrence  
Track 2 -  Precise Beauford and Jeremiah Bernard 
Track 3 - Kahmaya Washington  
Track 4 - Donyea Tucker 
Track 5 - Paisley Walcott 
Track 6 - Kapila Marsh 
Track 7 - Jaydin Jenkins  
Track 8 - Skylar Mckenzie 
Track 9 - Raquel Allen 
Track 10 - Susana Skinner  with Kahmaya Washington 
Track 11 - Paige Richardson
Track 12 - Nicole Odom
Track 13 - Tre Lawrence
Track 14 - Paisley Walcott
Track 15 - Peony Nobrega - Walcott
Track 16 - Jelani Fouyalle and Dwayne Williams
Track 17 - Raquel Allen
Track 18 - Kapila Marsh
Track 19 - Kahmaya Washington

About The Lyric Lab:

The Lyric Lab has been a program in the making for the past 15 years. The founder, Raymond Ramirez, has worked as a consultant for various arts programs and began using Hip Hop and recording students in the late 1990s. Working initially with S.C.A.N. NY (Supportive Children's Advocacy Network) at the JHS 99 Beacon Program in East Harlem, and at various schools for Teachers and Writers Collaborative throughout the city, the Hip Hop workshop was born. Over the years the name has changed until finally The Lyric Lab was established in the Fall of 2016.

More Information: www.thelyriclab.org347 785 0216 | TheLyricLabProject@gmail.com

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